Sarcastic Horse who just saw the movie “War Horse” understands where Obama is trotting from

Written on:October 24, 2012
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From the horse's mouth

From the horse’s mouth

Ok. I get it. It is not ok for the president to be sarcastic. But it is all right for a horse.

So take it from the horse’s mouth.

There is no place except Somalia and Afganistan where horses and donkeys are still on a war footing.

The rest of the world is mostly on to something called “cyber war.”

Whatever that means, mind you there are still some horses involved there, have you heard of a “Trojan Horse?”

Of course you have not! So take one of your bayonets and clear the earwax from your ears.

That’s all I had to say. I’m trotting off to my afternoon run in the park to clear my head of all this horse shit.